ExporThai Worldwide


ExporThai is a family-owned company started in 1998. At first, we started sourcing and trading a variety of “Made in Thailand” products. Soon we discovered our love for working with the artists and craftspeople who create the handmade products popular among tourists and merchants. Now these products are often called “OTOP”, or “One-Tambon-One-Product” items. (A “Tambon” is like a western “County”.)

There are plenty of retail and wholesale outlets here in Thailand selling to visiting travelers and merchants. Few have an eye for quality. Few have interest in the welfare and well being of the artists and craftspeople who create the unique Thai wares. Almost none understand the rigors of import/export procedures, international shipping, and quality control.

So, we decided to open our Internet store ExporThai.com. Now merchants like you all over the world have access to these special Thai treasures – without leaving home. And, you can buy them from people who care about the artists, who can get the import/export right, and who understand quality – us!

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